My name is Joshua Serna. Here at Serna Bespoke, I’m the Lead Designer and Lead Leather-Smith. Every item we ship, I’ve built. It’s my passion and a great pleasure to enhance lives by delivering timeless leather goods that embody a luxury heritage for people all over the world.


Handmade in North Carolina

 Serna Bespoke was founded in Concord, NC November of 2020 by Joshua Serna. Joshua took interest in leather even before it was a passionate hobby. In December of 2019 Joshua’s other half and assistant, Alexa, got him his first starter kit of tools to start creating with leather. It wasn’t until losing his job due to Covid-19 in 2020, he put those tools to work.

“When I look at my current catalog, it amazes me how far our product has come from that little starter kit of tools that Alexa got me, and the little wallets that I started out with. I knew I wanted to further pursue my hobby because of my long-time passion for fashion. I desired very deeply for years to somehow contribute to the fashion industry. I finally found my way through the elegance of leather and the beautiful things that I was able to craft with it. So I put together a vision and a plan for myself and my business and I launched Serna Bespoke.”

- Joshua Serna


We understand that you spent your hard earned money to support Serna Bespoke and to have a great product that you can rely on. That is why each leather product sold will include a limited lifetime warranty. If you have any quality issue with your product, it will be 100% covered under our warranty. This includes RESTITCHING. Our warranty does not include however, misuse of the product. Our products are crafted to last in the way they were intended to be used. The full grain leather we use is an ultra durable material, but it is also a material that is very elegant and should be taken care of in order to ensure long lasting beauty, and overall integrity of the product. If you have any questions regarding warranty, please contact us.


Sometimes things just don’t work out for us. At Serna Bespoke we completely understand that. That is why we will accept returns of your unused product, in the same condition that you received it, up to 14 days after it was delivered to you. Just make sure to contact us before you ship it back. We hope your reason for returning is not related to quality. If it is, please let us know and we will try to make things right! Thank you again for your support of Serna Bespoke.


Custom Serna Bespoke bags start at $3000.

If wanting to alter the dimensions of an existing bag, a $1000 minimum charge will be applied to your order.


To enhance the wardrobe of our customers through delivering desirable & timeless luxury goods without compromising quality and attention to detail.


Every leather product we sell is made from Full Grain Leather. Either a cowhide or a buffalo hide. What is Full Grain Leather? To say it simply, it’s the best. Full Grain leather is the strongest (and most beautiful) cut of leather from the animal that you can get, right below the hair, showing all the natural character of the animal and all the marks that the animal carried with it during its life. We feel so strongly about the strength and integrity of our leather that we offer a lifetime warranty on our leather products.